Solve issues with cutting-edge technologies and solutions

We are developing and delivering various solutions that support ever evolving technologies to respond to the complicated marketing issues faced by our clients.

Research & development efforts

Research on cutting-edge technology areas

  • ・AI/machine learning/deep learning
  • ・Data science
  • ・Creation of new value by utilizing media API
  • ・Utilization of data for Web communications

Development of “GMO MARS” series
a marketing cloud as GMO NIKKO’s original brand.


GMO MARS series

GMO MARS Analytics

GMO MARS Analytics is an integrated management ad platform that enables unified management of online advertisements on different medias and devices, and optimizes the effects of and budget allocations on overall Internet marketing as well as advertising delivery measures through collaboration with media API.
Enable one-stop implementation of advertising effect measurement, reporting, operation and delivery to dramatically accelerate PDCA cycle.


GMO MARS DMP is a platform on which you can integrate and manage various data owned by a company to maximize the asset value of the data.
Integrate and analyze customer data and web behavior data owned by a company to create user segments by each data property.
Furthermore, the communication delivery based on the property of each target is enabled by controlling web communications for each segment.

GMO MARS Smartphone

With a GMO MARS Smartphone, uniformly manage advertising effects on smartphones to maximize advertising investment effects.
1. Uniform management of the effects of advertisements on multiple ad networks and listing ads.
2. Measurement of advertising effects for each combination of media and creative.
3. Support the development of the optimization plan that is directly linked to revenues, based on the measurement of in-site actions and billing status.
4. Real time reporting of ROI (Return On Investment)


GMO MARS Social maximizes ROI of promotion ads on Twitter with the ad operation function that utilizes Twitter Ads API for the first time in Japan.
The aim is to maximize the advertiser’s ROI by accelerating PDCA for speedy improvement of advertising effects by dramatically increasing the operation functions such as one-time submission of creatives, automatic bidding management, delivery on the specified date and time, and reservation for posting of Tweets for campaigns.

GMO MARS Powered by LINE Business Connect

GMO MARS Powered by LINE Business Connect is a messaging management function utilizing “Line Business Connect” provided by LINE Corporation as a service for corporations, which enables targeted delivery on LINE based on the customer segments.
You can quickly start message deliveries on LINE based on the property of the target by utilizing customer data owned by the company and attribute data collected through the simplified questionnaire function, with reasonable price.

GMO MARS Data Feed

GMO MARS Data Feed enables reduction of the advertiser’s management cost through the placement of feed ads with the format in line with those of each delivery destination based on the product data owned by the company.

Analytics tools for smartphone apps

adjust Appsflyer

AppsFlyer and “adjust” are analytics tools for smartphone apps widely used around the globe. They strongly support the company’s smartphone app marketing by analyzing advertising effects and optimizing advertising spend.

1. Real-time viewings of advertising effects on the management screen
2. Analysis on in-app user behaviors
3. Authorized partner of Facebook and Twitter
4. Measurement of advertising effects with non-cookie method
5. Usages without being bound by particular agencies

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